PLEASE. ATTENTION. IMPORTANT. PLEASE. My followers from all around the world. This is the first time i’m asking for something THIS serious. And i need, we need your support. Turkish people, my people are standing up for their rights, after a long long time. First it started as a protest against a mall that will be built in one of our historical parks. But then it got bigger, it’s not only about the trees anymore. It’s about the people who got beaten, who got thrown tear gas bombs to their heads, who got intentionally hit by police cars, and killed. In here we are not allowed to speak are minds anymore, and media is not helping either. Help us spread the word, let the world know about what’s happening here. I’m asking, wanting you to reblog this. Please. Once you finish reading this, please reblog.








people fucking died there


So I’ve seen this quite a lot and it seems really cute,
Basically Im going to Turkey and other places in europe in the upcoming holidays, for everyone that reblogs this post I will write their URL’s and names if I can find them on a little piece of pretty patterned paper and put them in a jar, throughout my travels I will put the pieces of paper anywhere and everywhere. It would be really nice if you were following me (roselai), I will be taking some pictures of where I put them and when I get back I will show everyone, I just think this is really cute and I will be doing absoloutely everyone that reblogs this.
So yeah i’m excited! yay! xoxo
**ps. the jars transparent so it will look kewl on your blog xoxox**

i-D and Comme des Garçons for the Florence Biennale, directed by Gideon Koppel


werk it

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